About Us

Who are we?

Simply put, we are a family living in an old farmhouse on an acre of beautiful land just outside of Stirling, ON. In this little old house lives: Andrew (husband, daddy, and thermostat monitor), Jess (mama, wife, daughter, dreamer and baker), Sawyer (toddler, noise maker, and taste tester), Trudy (grams, mom, gardener, and MS warrior), and Ralph (wiener dog, perimiter checker, and barking expert). We moved from Peterborough, ON just a short time ago but have already made big plans for our new homestead.

Jess is the mastermind behind all of The Handmade Homestead's (formerly Ralph & Co. Confections) delicious and imaginative creations, and has been baking since 2009. After little Sawyer drifts off to dreamland you can find Jess dreaming, planning, baking, and packaging late into the night.

Trudy has recently jumped on board to help with administrative tasks and also assists with packaging and TODDLER MINDING! Trudy has long battled with Multiple Sclerosis but after a very successful treatment in 2016, she has regained many of her previous abilities and passions, including gardening. Trudy has a very extensive and successful history with gardens and plants of all kinds (and holds a Horticulturist Vertificate from Guelph University) and is making plans to turn our land into a mini self sufficient "farm."

In the future, we hope to be able to offer you homegrown organic vegetables and fruit (from our little property), fresh cut flowers, handmade crafts, and painted furniture (in addition to our baking). This part of our concept will take lots of patience and time, but we look forward to including you on this journey as we write the pages of this little story together.