Who am I?

Hi! I'm Jess - an old soul with a love for baking, crafting, decorating, gardening, and fresh air. I was born and (mostly) raised in Peterborough, ON. And although I have lived in other locations for short periods of time, I have always returned to my roots. I currently reside with my very busy toddler, my equally creative Mama, and my noisy blue merle dachshund, Ralph.

I was born with a great big imagination, and my love for creating began at a very young age. I adored painting, glueing, moulding clay, and concocting treats in my "play kitchen" that my poor mother would find many weeks later in a different form.

I'm still not sure what I want to "be" when I "grow up," but I do know that I'm happiest when I am creating. I received two hospitality diplomas from Sir Sandford Fleming College and I was employed in busy office setting for many years, but my hands and heart have always reaimned in the kitchen.

I have been baking extensively since 2009, but my love for the craft really began when I started baking macarons and decorating cookies over seven years ago. I started my own little "side gig", Ralph & Co. Confections which eventually became something I wanted to pursue full-time. Shortly after rebranding to The Handmade Homestead to incorporate my love for crafting and homesteading, I experienced some even bigger changes in my life.

After deciding to relocate back to Peterborough after a year in Stirling, I joined forces with my incredibly hardworking friends Jen and Kelly of Emily Mae's Cookies to bring you Peterborough's first COOKIE BOUTIQUE! And after that? Well, stay tuned!